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Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Inc. (HCCI) is committed to the holistic revitalization of Harlem. We provide economic development and empowerment opportunities to help Harlem residents rebuild and sustain their community.



Founded in 1986, HCCI is a coalition of inter-faith congregations that has implemented a comprehensive portfolio of programs to provide affordable housing and safe streets; offer opportunities for individuals and groups to become and remain economically independent; increase understanding of and access to health care; and provide substantive educational programs for adults and young people. Through alliances with other community organizations, elected officials and local residents, HCCI has also helped reduce crime in the community; increase public sanitation; and preserve and transform open space.


Leveraging more than $450 million in support from federal, state, and city agencies, HCCI’s real estate office has developed more than 4,000 units of low, moderate and middle-income housing and more than 70 commercial spaces including a 45,000 sq. ft. supermarket. Our health office provides scattered-site housing for 60 families and individuals living with HIV/AIDS. HCCI’s adult education programs include soft employment skills, literacy training (in conjunction with Literacy Partners), and computer software training–all linked with job placement. To date, we have placed more than 2000 residents in employment opportunities.

HCCI is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation governed by a Board of Directors, and relies on support from grants, donations and government contracts funds.



  • To provide affordable rental housing and ownership opportunities for various income levels including; homeless, relocatees, low to moderate income families, individuals and disabled persons;

  • To promote economic development through homeownership job training, employment opportunities, referral services, and local commercial revitalization.

  • To teach area residents life skills that bolster self-esteem, enhance self respect and promote self-sufficiency;

  • To coordinate community youth programming to provide educational, cultural, athletic and employment opportunities where youth can become productive members of society and “change agents” in their community

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