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Established in 2003, under HCCI's Harlem Equitable Development Initiative (Harlem EDI) our budget and credit programs were created to help Harlem residents who were unable to take part in Harlem’s real estate boom due to the rising cost of housing and commercial space. These services prepare Harlem residents to become stakeholders in their community through homeownership and business ownership.



Come learn about the steps to purchasing a home. Find out about assistance for down-payments and closing costs. Prepare your credit, increase your savings and get approved for an affordable mortgage. After the seminar, we'll schedule one-on-one counseling appointments to help you with next steps to purchasing your first home.


Learn to save and to navigate the home buying process!

Our Homebuyer Education Seminars are generally held on Thursdays. 

We also offer classes in Spanish!

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Week 1:   Are You Ready to Buy? and Managing Your Money

Week 2:   Grants! and Understanding Credit

Week 3:   Shopping for a Home

Week 4:   Getting a Mortgage Loan


6:30pm to 9:30pm

at Dr. Muriel Petioni Plaza, 203 West 146th street, New York, NY 10039 (English)


9:00am to 5:00pm

at Dr. Muriel Petioni Plaza, 203 West 146th street, New York, NY 10039 (Spanish)


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