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Welcome to Community Voices. This section of our website features stories about HCCI's impact on the community, with input from the Harlem residents.

Residents Rejoice! HCCI Preserves Affordability for 447 Apartments

The Year 15 Preservation Program in Action

FEATURING: Miriam Bradge  

VIDEO TESTIMONY: Valarie Settles

Since its inception in 1986, the mission of HCCI’s Office of Real Estate Development (ORED) has been to create housing for low to middle income families living in Harlem. When a building needs upgrading and it requires rehabilitation, ORED determines its current condition and puts a plan into action that both enhances and preserves the home.


Zyan Melvin Goes Viral at HCCI's Computer Clubhouse

Youth Development

FEATURING: Zyan Melvin

Since 2002, HCCI's Computer Clubhouse porvides a safe environment for children for children and enables them to work with cutting edge technology in creative ways. Formed by the Boston Museum of Science and the M.I.T. Media Lab, which modeled the program after similar Computer Clubhouses around the world, this Harlem-based after school program gives young people the chance to work with advanced software and digital audio/video equipment, which most of the children do not have access to in their homes and schools. With over 150 kids currently enrolled, HCCI's Computer Clubhouse is a free after school program open to children ages 10 to18.

Mary Brown Aged Out of Foster Care & Into Supportive Housing

HCCI's Young Adult Supportive Services Program


Each year, nearly 1,000 young adults “age out” of New York City's foster care system on their 21st  birthday. These young people are often unprepared to live on their own, and are more likely to drop out of high school or become homeless.


Since 2008, HCCI’s Young Adult Supportive Services/Independence Starts At Home (YASS/ISAH) program has helped young adults who age out of the foster care system become more self-sufficient, and lead productive lives. 

Click here to read about Mary in the New York Times!

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