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Tenant Coordinator

The Tenant Coordinator will work on-site to deliver services intended to promote housing stability. Duties include to:

a. Engage formerly homeless seniors within the first fifteen (15) days of move in, including but not limited to welcome meeting with tenant, ensure apartment set up, orientation to community, and set up initial assessment meeting.

b. Complete needs assessments and develop ongoing, tenant-centered support plans for the population of formerly homeless tenants within the first sixty (60) days of move in and update them a minimum of once every (6) months.

c. Meet with formerly homeless tenants at least once (1) per month, and other seniors as needed, to review support plan goals and assess new needs, engage with the tenant, and encourage participation in supportive and community services and activities.

d. Engage in additional contacts, such as escorting services or skills building activities, or other activities based on tenant needs.

e. Implement all assessments, support plans, contacts and programming will be documented in tenant and program files and reported per HRA program reporting requirements.


The candidate will also engage in General Case Assistance Services including, but not limited to:

a. Educating tenants on service availability, application and benefits procedures, tenant rights, and advocacy as appropriate.

b. Assisting tenants in developing informal support networks with other tenants, family and friends, including facilitating opportunities for tenant engagement and participation in group meetings and recreational activities.

c. Providing information and training to tenants regarding the obligations of tenancy.


Salary is commensurate with experience.  Click here to download full job description.

Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to

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